FAQs Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company


Surrendering your carpet to cleaning experts whether to take it away or clean it on site needs trust. Most rugs are expensive or attributed to a specific meaning. Therefore, one may have Several questions they may need to ask. As a matter of fact, there are common questions that recur every time according to a Carpet Cleaning expert from a reputable company. So, the following FAQs and answers will help our dear readers to when there is a need.

FAQs before hiring a carpet cleaning expert

Do you have the relevant license?

gfdgdgdfgdfgfdfdgBeing a yes or no question, there is no compromise than to take one that has one. A permit is crucial as it is the government requirement to prove that such a company is not operating illegally. In fact, doing business without one is a legal offense. Should anything happen in the course of work, you as the client may not get a base to claim. Apart from asking the question, let the carpet cleaning expert prove their ‘yes’ with a copy of the same.

Have you insured your services?

Again this is also a yes or no question. As much as people tend to compromise in this, the dangers may be great than what you are trying to save. Those without an insurance cover will tend to undercut on the cost to entice the clients. Additionally, they also try to convince them that nothing has happened before. It may a bad day ad damage occur either to the carpet or other household items.

How long does it take to deliver services?

Depending on the agreement, some carpets are cleaned on site while other out of site. As much as most people prefer on site, others may be busy and not trust enough to leave a cleaning crew in their home alone. This can dictate the time to deliver the service. On site services are fast than the other. However, most reliable companies will give 24 hours turn around on whichever you choose.

What are your charges?

fdgdfgfdgfdgdgfdgfdgIf such a consultation ends without this question coming up, them something is wrong. People are always concerned with how much deep they will have to dig into their pockets for any service. An excellent service provider will, first of all, assure to offer value for money, but the overall pricing must be fair and affordable.


This list does not offer an exhaustive list of questions but the common ones. Therefore, you can still ask for more until you are satisfied with what they promise.