Beginner’s Guide to Getting Rid of Termites at Home


Termites are pests which feed on cellulose. This means that our homes are susceptible to the terrible killers. Termites normally appear on wood or plants without any indication. They get to your house through the ground for subterranean termites, or by air for dry wood termite. Subterranean termites usually build mud tunnels of foundation walls to access the structure’s wooden parts. On the other hand, dry wood termites normally fly to your structure, then shed their wings and lay eggs to multiply. So, how do you kill termites? If it is your first time getting rid of termites in your home, here is a guide to help you.

Cardboard Trap

termitesTermites largely feed on cellulose. Cardboards are rich in cellulose; thus they can be easily used as traps. Roll a large moist piece of cardboard into a tube or place wet pieces of cardboard on top of one another. Place these cardboard traps in areas you have seen infested by termites.

After some time, take the traps and throw them away from your house, or use a natural insecticide to treat the trapped termites. Keep doing this till you stop seeing any termite.


Termites can’t stand light. Termites thrive in moist environments, that’s why exposure to direct sunlight is effective in killing them. Expose the areas infested by termites to direct sun as much as you can. If the termites are outside, clear the area and dig the hives to expose all the termites to the sun. If it’s your furniture which has been infested, place the furniture outdoors to expose it to sunlight. Although sunlight might not get rid of all the termites, it’s a highly effective natural method for reducing the number of termites and in preventing more problems.

Boric Acid

Boric acid interferes with termites’ nervous system, thus killing them. To use this method, mix the acid with water and using a paintbrush, apply the mixture on the infested wooden surface. When termites eat the wooden, they die. It’s a simple method, but you need to have a mask when spraying or applying the acid since it is poisonous to human beings.


termitesTable salt contains both cellulose and sodium chloride. Sodium chloride acts as an insecticide while the cellulose in the salt is the bait. When a salt solution is sprayed on the termites infested areas, the termites are attracted to the solution because of cellulose, but they die because of the sodium chloride. This is highly effective in getting rid of the termites as well as preventing future infestation.

Beneficial Nematodes

There are some products available for sale which contain nematodes. Nematodes like feeding on termites. They enter the termites and release poisonous bacteria which kills the insects. Once done, they multiply and move to the next termite. For good results, use nematodes, together with other termite control measures.

These methods are highly effective in getting rid of termites. After getting rid of the pest, take control measures such as ensuring proper drainage, keeping firewood in a dry place, maintaining adequate moisture levels in the house, etc.